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EthicsFirst is a group of veterinary and non-veterinary professionals who share common concerns about related areas of companion animal clinical practice in which boundaries are being pushed to extremes:

  • Use of unproven interventions

  • Unregulated 'research' (including that to ostensibly advance One Health initiatives)

  • Overdiagnosis and overtreatment

  • Selective interpretation of "Recognised Veterinary Practice"

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We believe​ that

  • Independent and prospective ethical review should be a prerequisite for such extremes​

  • Extremes should be critiqued rather than sensationalised and associated use of financial facilities (e.g., insurance, crowdfunding) should be examined

  • The health and welfare of animals should always be prioritised in the course of ethical veterinary decision making

  • The recommendation for euthanasia to end an animal's suffering should be restored as an ethical, legitimate, effective and appropriate option

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Just because you can doesn't mean you should

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